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Behind the Thinking


The idea of striving towards excellence and virtue, based on one's unique potential.


Taken from Aristotle philosophy, Eudaimonia is derived from the words eu (good) and diamōn (spirit), the latter referring to a minor deity or a guardian.


The idea is that we are born with a spirit or diamōn, that embodies our greatest, unique potential, and that we liberate this spirit by achieving our potential and using it to live a life of contribution.

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At Centien we incorporate Eudaimonic philosophy into our coaching practice by assisting clients to discover what their greatest, unique potential is, and then partner with them on the journey to facilitate the growth and integration of this way of being into their everyday lives. 

We also seek to help clients find their Euaimonic happiness over a quest to find hedonic happiness as to avoid the pitfalls of hedonic adaptation. 

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