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What's the Method
Image by Tim Mossholder

Intentional Change


Intentional Change Theory was developed by Richard Boyatzis and is essentially about imagining our ideal self, then looking at the person we are today and seeing the gap in between them, then with this knowledge, planning a course towards obtaining the ideal self. This Theory is the underpinning of the Centien coaching practice. 

Image by Gerson Repreza

Self-determination Theory

Self-determination Theory focuses on what intrinsically motivates us. It speaks of three main needs involved in self-determination:


Desire to be the causal agent of one's own life. 


To gain a feeling of mastery. 


The need to feel connected to others.

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Referring here to the most notable Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow. Asking the questions, once the other needs have been reasonably met, what does self-actualisation or even self-transcendence look like for the individual, and what is the balance between these?  It's also hard to mention Maslow and not also mention the pursuit of the Peak experience, and how might we find it. 

Image by Roberto Huczek

Social Cognitive


Lying inside of psychologist Albert Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory is his theory of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the beliefs in one's self that they have the ability to perform the task or succeed in a specific situations. This of course has a major role in how people approach goals, tasks and challenges. It is thus key to establish the level of self-efficacy one has when starting the journey towards any goal. 

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