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What does it mean


The word Centien comes from two words. The first, 'sentient', meaning the conscious mind; and the second 'cent' meaning 100. 


Therefore, to be Centient is to be consciously living into a life that expresses 100% of one's potential. 

So when we imagine this ideal self, living life through 100% of our potential we can call this 'the Centien self.' 

For each person, the Centien self will be different, and for each situation it will be different as well. Since the Centien self is not about being perfect, but about living into the best version of ourselves, available to us at the time, given the context of the situation we find ourselves in.  

If our Centien self is a painting of our ideal self then our values are the colours we use to paint the picture. 

Identifying what is most important to you in life is key to discovering your Centien self. It usually can be identified through 2 - 5 words that come from your values, and can be used in any situation to help you conjure what the best next course of action would be that is in alignment with your Centien self. 

Because being Centien is not just about a state of mind, but a state of action. 

That's why the Centien symbol is a light bulb inside of a rectangle. The lightbulb represents our thoughts and ideas, and the rectangle is what you would call an 'Action Symbol' used in a flow chart, see below. 

Thus, being Centien is about skilfully turning our ideas or our vision of our Centien self into actions that we take in our everyday lives. 

There is no failing, only learning, and using that learning to design a better next time

Hence our motto: Think, Learn, Act, Create. 

We have a thought of what we like to achieve, we learn from our Centien self what the best course of action would be, we then take such action, and by acting in this way we create a life lived through our Centien self. A life lived by leaning into 100% of our potential through our own consciousness. 

This is obviously no easy feat, and so Centien coaching is here in support of anyone in pursuit of finding out:

1. What does my ideal life look like?

2. Who is my Centien self? 

2. How do I become this?

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